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The Fair Drudge Standards Act (FLSA) establishes guidelines akin to reserve wage, overtime wild, archives-keeping, and offshoot drudge. Some companies experience themselves confrontment perfectowable challenges when they inconsistently assort employees as liberated or nonliberated restraint the resolve of overtime wildments. 

You possess discovered that Elora Jean & Co. has classified frequent of its neglect positions as liberated. As the anthropological resources (HR) perfectowable consultant near to retrospect perfect HR policies, you are disturbed with perfectowable scylla, coalition challenges that may product, and bald tracking of hours worked restraint the resolve of wilding overtime. You sketch to arrange a delivery restraint Elora Jean & Co.’s possessor, outlining your observations, concerns, and applaudations, guardianship in memory the company’s crave to rest competitive conjuncture adhering to usurpation laws. 

Components of this delivery gain include the following:

Discuss the guide components of the FLSA overtime requirements, focusing specifically on minding the perfectowable dignity among liberated and nonliberated employees. 

Generalize how FLSA gain favor Elora Jean & Co.’s ability to assort employees as liberated or nonliberated in harmony to the wildment of overtime, and detail at what summit overtime is paid with mind to hours worked. Research of federal and Indiana particularize laws is compulsory. 

Discuss the implications of incorrectly wilding coalition staff and referable attributable attributable attributable having a defined overtime cunning as it relates to drudge harmonys. 

Discuss the perfectowable implications of compulsory sect. 

Develop a proceeding that Elora Jean & Co. can right to equitably contrive overtime at its facilities. 

Formulate strategies that you applaud to fix that Elora Jean & Co. accurately classifies employees as liberated or nonexempt. Discuss the roles that lesson separation and lesson descriptions embody in the arrangement. 

Discuss the archives-guardianship requirements imposed by the FLSA. 

Address perfectowable issues of reserve wage, overtime wild, archives guardianship, and offshoot drudge restraint the Malaysian quickness. Assess feasible HR cunning differences in the Malaysian performance and how they may favor Elora Jean & Co.’s private workforce. 

Note: Arrange a 15-slide delivery with a reserve of 13 slides that inclose orator referable attributable attributablees of 200 opinion. The distinction slide and relation slide do referable attributable attributable attributable possess to possess orator referable attributable attributablees. 

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